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We are structure in six departments that work together to accomplish the total solution approach.

The main service groups are our Sales, Media Sales, Systems Development and Integration, and Field Service.

The Sales Group identifies the customer needs, generate systems requirements and submit hardware and software configurations.  Our sales people specialize in industry sectors to focus on particular applications.  They continuously monitor our clients to assure an overall quality service.

The Media Sales Group provides solutions for labeling applications, assures you top quality bar code graphics and alphanumerical. Our media specialists will match the appropriate ribbon and label with the bar code printer, based on customer and application requirements.

The Systems Development and Integration Groups develop and implement custom system solutions based on the customer’s requirements. Our system engineers cover all aspects of software development in C and Visual Basic and Middle-ware software products such as Data Integrator for Windows and Android.

The Field Service Group is built up with factory-trained technicians who will provide equipment maintenance. Maintenance services consist of installation, training, repairs, preventive maintenance, and equipment certification. Service contracts are customized for each particular situation. We keep a stock of most frequent damage parts of the hardware we sell and that is under a maintenance contract.

Marketing Department works closely with sales in generating new business. Studies the market and the customers, determines the best way to reach those customers, and works with the rest of the company to help determine the new product needs of the market and represent the company in a consistent voice.

The Administration and Business Development Groups strive to complement the organization in obtaining our goal:  TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.


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