How data capturing solutions optimized our clients warehouse




One of our clients from Florida manages a warehouse and distribution operation receiving hundreds of packages each day.

They were looking for ways to automate their processes and eliminate manual data entry, since they relied on traditional methods to keep track of all the packages they received.

In order to achieve this goal, our clients decided to implement a data capturing solution that would help provide a real time view of their inventory levels as well as:

  1. Capture data from long distances
  2. Handle multiple drops
  3. Synchronize with their custom warehouse management system


After listening to the needs of our client and evaluating possible solutions, we recommended that the MC3300 as it was within their price range would be an ideal solution.

This barcode scanner has a rugged exterior that handles multiple 5ft drops. It also provides long range scanning from up to 70ft away.

When it comes to pairing the solution with their custom WMS, our team of certified experts managed the task.

As a result, our clients now manage a fully automated warehouse with information of their inventory levels available to them at all times. They have also experienced an increase in their efficiency whilst lowering error rates and reducing operational costs.

To learn more about how our solutions can help, feel free to contact our team and one of our certified technicians will help find the ideal solution for you.




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