The Basics: How To Select a Bar Code Label For Your Application



Keeping up with our “Basics” series of posts, we now bring you 8 simple questions you need to answer when looking for a label for your bar code printer.

  1. What is your application? First, you need to determine what do you wish to print. If it is a shipping label for finished goods or pallets on your warehouse or if you need to identify your company’s assets for annual inventory. If you are a retailer,  do you need to print price tags, shelves labels, or receipts. If you are a manufacturer, you need know if this label is part of an already validated process or if you need to comply with any specific regulation.
  2. In which printer are you planing to print your labels? Is it a Tabletop Printer or a Print and Apply application?  Is it a Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal application? Read more on What To Look When Selecting a Thermal Bar code Printer.
  3. What is the size of the space where you which to place the label? Or what is the Size of the label you need to use? Labels are measured on width by length, where the increases as the roll is unwound.
  4. What is the surface you will place your labels? Is it Metal, Corrugated, Plastic, Paper, Glass, Wood, etc.? Or is it Greasy, Curved,  Rough, etc?
  5. What is the environment in which the label going to be? Is it going to be on an open environment exposed to weather, or on a controlled indoor environment like an office? Is there any specific resistance it should have to moisture, chemicals, abrasion, UV lightning, etc.?
  6. What is the lifetime of the label? You need to determine how long your label should last.
  7. How many labels are you planning to use and in which period of time? Do you have a planned forecast of production? What will be your initial and subsequent runs? For how long those your label inventory should last?
  8. How will you read the label content? Which type of device you are planing to use. Is it a standard bar code reader attached to a PC or an industrial mobile computer with long range reading capability?

At MultiSystems, we understand the importance of bar code printing quality and selecting the correct materials for your application that is the reason we only provide certified genuine supplies.  Contact us today and a Media Specialist will help you the best label suited for your needs, guiding you through your layout and design specifications.



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