Yes, you do… With today’s ever-evolving supply chain, having the correct warehouse management system is a requirement for any company that wishes to reduce inventory costs and improve revenue. When you keep track of your inventory levels, you are able to identify issues with enough anticipation to make adjustments, instead of when they appear at a point where you may well lose a lot of money or waste a lot of energy, being unproductive. Or perhaps you may miss a step on your process which can roll over to produce additional mistakes in new orders or others departments processes. And what a mess this can be! Yes, you need to have the information right away!

Mobile data collection and enterprise mobility solutions enable companies and their workers to accomplish immediate results by extending their capabilities up to the front, where the action is occurring. A full-featured solution which provides total insight of all the warehouse transactions, allows them to know exactly what they have, without holding more than what they need.

Using the latest technology in software development, WDCS form MultiSystems is a .NET-based warehouse management system (WMS) that enables data transfer and reporting services using Microsoft SQL Server. WDCS easily integrates with the existing ERP, accounting or legacy host system through our Interface module. With the secured 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless network, real-time data is supported on the users’ handhelds and exchanged with the manager host computer and the database server.

Our assessment services include a comprehensive analysis of your current process and environment to determine your mobility needs, application development and integration, mobile deployment planning, any required managed services and devices support.

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