Drive Business Growth: Eliminate out-of-stocks with rapid replacement.



Drive Business Growth: Eliminate out-of-stocks with rapid replacement, while reducing unnecessary lost sales opportunities.

To ensure optimal inventory levels in your warehouse, you need to precisely document all product information and locations during the replenishment and put-away process. This is as vital for any warehouse operations as other processes like picking, cycle count, and transfers to run smoothly.

With WDCS Cloud Warehouse Management you mobilize and empower your warehouse workers to see exactly where something is stored and how much still available. Once received, your products can be allocated in multiple units of measure, including weight and serial numbers, based on user-defined controls. These controls allows you to maximize space cubing and internal movement of products.

Analyze Inventory Turns

WDCS Cloud features a fully automated Inventory module for improved accuracy allowing multiple units of measure and complete visibility of your stock quantities and availability. Track your Inventory through your multiple warehouses, as WDCS Cloud support allocations on single unit and multiple-building warehouses.

WDCS Manager enables your team to review inventory locations and monitor your products’ shelves-life. All inventory movement and transactions are logged into the system, so you can have historical information to make well documented decisions.

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