How Cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Solutions are Improving Today’s Operations


How Cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Solutions are Improving Today’s Operations.


May 2018 (Hato Rey) – Enterprise mobile solutions can bring unprecedented levels of information into organizations across countless industries. It opens up doors to greater collaboration between multiple teams in the supply chain, regardless of their locations. It boosts cooperation between warehouse workers, logistics teams and field sales representatives, resulting in better information and less errors in orders and stock, improving customer satisfaction.

Cloud solutions also allows business to become more competitive in a globalized market, and to operate more efficiently compared to larger-sized companies by providing tools that otherwise were too expensive. It reduces management and administration costs, by freeing internal resources for more productive tasks.

Changes in the supply chain ecosystem has prompted to take a look at upgrading warehouses in order to increase performance, reduce operational and transportation costs, expedite shipments and comply with customer’s requirements, while improving transactions and inventory accuracy, inventory turns and volume of items shipped.


A New Breed of Solutions.


Multisystems, Inc. has developed two cloud-based mobile solutions to fulfill these business needs: WDCS Cloud which helps with the automation of warehouses and  distribution centers; and MultiRoute Mobile Sales, to improve daily field sales operations.

WDCS Warehouse Management is a paperless mobile stock locator application that runs connected to your ERP, allowing receipts of goods, allocations, cycle counts, inventory adjustments, picking and shipping of goods with your pre-established rules. This release allows a company to run its warehouse using WDCS from the cloud as a service. With this new architecture, customers’ ERP can run on premise or on the cloud; with integration via WDCS’s Cloud Connect API (Application Programming Interface).

With MultiRoute Mobile Sales, field sales teams can create quotes, perform order entries, work with approved pricing and promotions, make inventory look-ups, make collections and more with validated information in front of the customer. MultiRoute can reduce costly errors associated with manual data entry like SKU’s or the use of incorrect price lists. Managers can track the team’s sales activities including route schedule, visited and non-visited accounts with the GPS Tracking Module and monitor other key performance indicators that help increase sales. Making it paperless, and all in one for all the steps of your process.

MultiSystems’ assessment services include a comprehensive analysis of your current process and environment to determine your mobility needs, application development and integration, mobile deployment planning, any required managed services and devices support.


About MultiSystems, Inc.
MultiSystems, Inc. is a systems integrator of supply chain automation, enterprise mobility and plant floor solutions, based on performance and productivity improvement and centered on actual and future needs. MultiSystems integrates today’s best automatic identification and data collection technology for process optimization – including thermal printing, mobile computers, advanced data capture, on-line inspection, packaging automation, wireless networks, RFID, access control, security and much more – backing them with the implementation and support services that are only available from an experienced industry leader.

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