Our Solutions


MultiSystems, Inc. is a systems integrator of supply chain automation, enterprise mobility and plant floor solutions, based on performance and productivity improvement and centered on actual and future needs.

With our  extensive knowledge of manufacturing, wholesale and distribution operations and supply chain, we are able to integrate today’s best automatic identification and data collection technologies for process optimization – including thermal barcode printing, mobile computers and handheld barcode scanners, fixed barcode scanners  and machine vision for online inspection and verification, automatic labelers and printer appliers for packaging automation, enterprise wireless networks, RFID, access control, security and much more – backing them with the implementation and support services that are only available from an experienced industry leader.

Our business solutions enhance effectiveness and profitability with answers and turnkey innovations to major enterprises such as Coopervision, Amgen, St. Jude, Baxter, Bristol, Edwards Life Sciences, Warner Chilcott, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, Clorox, Pfizer Corporation, Merck, Sharp & Dohme, Eaton, Goya, Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo, Northwestern Selecta, Claro, Mendez & Co., V. Suarez, Plaza Provisions Co., Avon, Farmaconal, Jamaica Broilers Group, C7 Global, Government Agencies, among many others.


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