Software Development and System Programming


Project Management: Creating and building partnerships with customers, proactively identifying and addressing issues with potential company-wide impact, maintaining and managing project goals and responsibilities, follow intensive quality assurances via standard, time-tested methodology and well-documented change control procedures.

System Design: Our engineering team will define the architecture, components, modules, interfaces, and data for a system to satisfy specified customer’s requirements.

Programming and Implementation: Our programmers and implementation specialists cover all aspects of software development in C++ and Visual Basic with ODBC interface to SQL databases. We also develop Man Machine Interfaces (MMI) using the most popular packages in the industry. We will provide interfaces between analog and digital equipment such as pneumatic pistons, scanners, and weigh in motion scales into the desired

Project Documentation and System Validation: As part of the system deliverables we normally include a User Manual which is used in the day to day operation of the system. In addition, we provide documentation that complies with standards established by many Regulatory Agencies, such as FDA. If required by our customer, MultiSystems is able to develop the validation protocol including Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) for the installed system.

Pilots and Testing: MultiSystems will coordinate a pilot prior to installing the hardware at installation site. The pilot involves testing and documentation of results and the integration of your solution in a controlled environment or on-site. Pilot and Test Services include: Verify hardware to host connectivity, verify sign-on to host system, perform hand held terminal (HHT) transactions provided by the customer for testing, have multiple users stress test the application to determine latency and load balancing, validate security functionality, validate proper hardware functionality (roaming, recovery, etc.)

Test and Laboratory: For application using technology like RFID and Machine Vision, we offer laboratory services to help you select the most suitable solutions for your application.

At our lab environment we can test:


After laboratory tests, MultiSystems provides formal documentation of results with findings and recommendations.

Installation: Successful deployment of new technologies requires a level of skills and expertise to seamlessly integrate the solution into current operations without risking current business and without missing the opportunity to maximize the investment and the technology’s expected benefits.  From our thorough pre-installation checklist to comprehensive implementation planning processes, MultiSystems ensures that your installation goes smoothly.

Training: The development of quality system products is largely dependent upon knowledgeable and skilled people.  Training will include different levels depending on the skills needed to support particular functions of the system.

Maintenance: Once the system is installed and all personnel are trained, MultiSystems offers a warranty period and a maintenance contract for each system installed.

Help Desk Support: Our Help Desk specialists have the expertise and technical know-how to deliver the support you need to keep your solution running smoothly. Our Help Desk will work with you in diagnosing the symptoms, identifying the problem, and finding the correct solution, no short-cuts.

If a resolution cannot be reached over the phone, our factory-certified Service Department and engineers stands ready to help resolve the situation, promptly and effectively. For more information on how MultiSystems can help you with Technical Services and Maintenance Contract’s needs, contact us.


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