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Laser marking is a non-contact, permanent process that marks without the stress points and deformation produced by other marking methods. It is ideal for metals that are subject to hot, wet, abrasive or corrosive environments. Our laser marking systems deliver the best permanent marking performance on a variety of materials like aluminum, plastics, wood, glass, marble, textiles and much more.


Laser Marking Technology and Applications

With a wide variety of applications in multiple wavelengths: Infrared, Green, UV; printing in either dynamic or static mode on high-speed applications.YAG/DPSSL key features:

  • First in class laser peak power
  • Infrared, Green, UV wavelengths for optimum marking results on hard to mark materials
  • Excellent beam quality and marking accuracy


Best results are obtained on steel, titanium, aluminum (bare, anodized or coated) as well as on plastics such as ABS, PP, PES, PET, PVC and many others.

The most compact fiber marking laser, with state of the art technology which is easy to use, simple to install, high performance and reliable. Suitable for barcodes, logos and drawings markings.Fiber Laser key features:

  • Up to 50°C (120°F) operating temperature
  • IP54 Environmental Rating
  • Compact marking head for simple installation
  • Zero bleed-through power
  • Excellent on metal and plastic surfaces

Ideal for deep engraved Direct Part Marking in the electronic, medical devices and automotive industries for metal and plastic parts.

CO2 technology provides permanent laser marking for industrial traceability and coding applications offering superior marking quality, increased productivity in clean working environments.CO2 Laser key features:

  • Excellent on paper, cardboard, wood and plastics
  • Marking on the fly compatible
  • with variable speed and start-stop systems
  • Suitable for coding from medium to high throughput production lines

Ideal for marking applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and electronics markets for cardboard, ceramic, wood, plastics and painted or anodized metal.


Programming and Integration

Our approach to implementing a Laser Marking system starts by fully understanding our customers’ needs, matching them with the correct laser coding technology and our knowledge to deliver fully integrated solutions.


Dedicated fume extraction and filters helps with the removal of smoke and debris caused during the laser marking process. It is an essential part of the integration to select the correct fume extraction equipment in order to:


Advantages of Laser Marking:


MultiSystems provides all the programming and implementation services, report generation and tailored software solutions to address your manufacturing operation’s needs.

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