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Mobile Collection Solution

MultiRoute™ Collector is a web-based application that provides an automated mechanism for the daily operations of adjusters and collectors of banks, credit unions, insurance companies and other financial institutions. MultiRoute™ Collector accelerates and improves daily transactions of collections, adjustments and deposits with updated information, while reducing paper and manual entries.


Managers and supervisors can define strategies for each family of products and send it to each mobile worker through the MRC Web Manager application. Mobile workers retrieve the account information on a portable computer, proceeding with each assigned task.

Some of the transactions include:


Maximum Security

All information recorded on the system is encrypted using an algorithm pattern. All structured libraries and algorithms are secured using state of the art encryption systems. Access to the stored information on the databases is limited to approved groups and users defined on the Web Manager Application.

Remote connectivity between the MRC Web Manager and the mobile units is executed through Virtual Private Network (VPN) protocols for enhanced protection.

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